What's Worse Than Being Hated By Your USCIS Officer?

 January 4, 2012

Do you know what's worse than a USCIS officer that hates you?

Almost nothing.

But a personal trainer that hates you?

Well it's close.

I'm on day 3 of my 5am/6pm, two-a-day boot camp.Yesterday I was so sore that I contemplated throwing myself down the stairs because it would be less painful than actually lifting my leg to take a step.

I hurt.

This morning we had a "fun run"...30 second intervals of fast sprints with a "recovery jog" in between.  After the embarrassing struggle to crunch my abs during the prior 10 minutes I thought finally something I can do.  I mean I ran a half marathon 6 months ago.  That's like 13.1 miles...says so on the sticker on my car right?  I got this.


I sucked it up.  Literally. I was sucking for air.

Damn this is hard(er) each time. 

The thing about exercising is you sort of have to keep doing it. Duh. I know this so why is exercise a chronic series of fits and starts for me?  What's that 2012 word of mine?  Discipline?  Yeah that's it, that's what it takes. That's what I need.

If only it were on Amazon.  I'd order up a case right now.

...in other slightly less self adsorbed news;

  • I received the hard copy of our I 800 approval.  It was actually dated December 28th a WHOLE DAY (dripping sarcasm) sooner than we thought.  I'm starting my daily calls to the NVC today to find out if our approval was cabled to Guangzhou.  If I can get a PDF copy of the cable we can save a week or two waiting for the next step.  
  • Middle Child broke his leg last week.  It was a bizarre injury and I still cant believe he did it.  He slipped and fell on a wet tile floor.  I saw the whole thing and honestly it didn't seem possible that he could have hurt himself much less break a bone.  Luckily he does not need surgery and he should heal just fine but he will be in a cast for at least the next 6 weeks. We are all hoping it is off before we leave for China.

Oh well off to get ready for work...damn I've got to climb those stairs.

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