Something More

 May 14, 2012

I'm giving a speech in Boston next week to 100 CFO's. I don't have a clue yet what I going to say.  Debits, credits, interest rates, pocket protectors?...yawn.

I wish I could inform them about important things like 147 million children in the world needing care but alas it will probably be something about AR valuations or Accountable Care Organizations.


If only my life's passion and my life's work were one and the same.

When I really think about the only place in my life that happens is in my role as "mother". Which gives me more satisfaction than I can fully express.

it all has me thinking....there has to be a way...there must something more.

Have you been able to align your career and passion? I would love to know how.

Mother's Day are getting much more wiggly:)

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