"Your Daughter Has Cerebral Palsy"

 April 12, 2012

I'm probably the only mom who has ever heard these words and breathe a huge sigh of relief!

We originally accepted Mia's referral under the presumption that she had CP but last December we received some conflicting information that opened up the possibility of a much worse diagnosis.

Yesterday we brought Mia to the pediatric neurology department at Cleveland Clinic and very quickly the doctors there confirmed that we were dealing with CP, (spastic hemiplegia to be specific).

I know that sounds scary but honestly we are thrilled that that's all it is.

So now that we have a confirmed diagnosis it's time to get busy.  Next on the list is an orthopedics consult for an evaluation to see if casting/braces are an option.  Also we'll be working with PT and OT.  At least for now there is nothing more invasive and we are glad for that.

Sadly Mia's long wait for a family means she went almost 4 years in China without even the most basic physical therapy.  The result is a significant reduction in motion in her right ankle.  We don't know long term what this lack of care will mean for her.  THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WE NEED TO HAVE AN ADOPTION PROCESS THAT WORKS EFFICIENTLY.  IT'S NOT ABOUT PARENTS BEING IMPATIENT IT'S ABOUT KIDS WALKING.

ok I'm done.

Back to what's important right now. 

Mia does not have a degenerative brain disease, she only has CP and it seems mild at that. I'm not sure how we got so lucky...AGAIN.  We prepared for the worst and ended up with the best case. God is good.

So for us CP means our daughter;

has typical (though I suspect better than average) cognitive development
speaks in 3-4 word sentences (and is learning English-her third language- quickly)
climbs stairs
dances (as well as the rest of us anyway)

Honestly other than a bit of a foot drop/slight limp Mia is as typical as can be.

And by typical I mean the most spectacular, adorable, smart,  cuddly, kissable, spunky, always on the move,  little imp, EVER!

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