March 13, 2012

I got a call from my agency.  There is a problem.

The Chinese government has asked to review the Butterfly's files.  They are refusing to issue her Visa and we have no idea if and when we will be allowed to adopt her.

No one at my agency seems able or willing to do anything.  They just keep saying it's not in their control.  We just need to wait until we hear back from China.  When I ask how long they give me a range of 6 weeks to a year.

I am devastated.

At first we started to cancel plans.

But I can't just accept this. Not after working for almost a year to bring her home.

So I call Stephanie who until a few months ago worked at my agency as the SN Program Manager.  If anyone can fix this it's her.

Stephanie now has her own agency.

Ironically, it's located in my childhood home in Rhode Island which looks exactly the same as when I was 10 years old....except now there is a Starbucks attached to it.

There is also a small kangaroo in the garden.

Stephanie grabs my dossier from me and runs into the house... turned adoption agency... slash coffee call China.

Moments later she comes out with my daughter in her arms.


48 hours until we leave and the Coo-Coo for Coco Puff dreams have begun. Lord help me...get me through the next few nights.

Since a friend just asked, I better be clear... there is no problem with our adoption...  
it was only a dream.....
 A crazy-ass-pre-adoptive-chips and-dip-before-bed time-nightmare actually. 
The kangaroo in RI was a give-away wasn't it?

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