Having a Great Time-Wish You Were Here!

 March 23, 2012

Right before I left for China a coworker innocently asked, “how long will you be on vacation?”

“It’s called maternity leave” I responded tersely.  I was already exhausted from preparing for the epic trip that lay ahead of me.

So let me say for all of you who have not adopted (cause all of you who have already get this in spades) THIS AIN'T NO DAY AT THE BEACH. 

Don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing and wonderful experience but despite the element of travel involved a vacation this is not.

At this point I am beyond exhausted.  I have not slept past 3 am in more than a week.  I am afraid to take a sleeping pill (which normally takes care of jet lag for me) because I’m worried I wont wake up for the baby who at this point only really wants me.

Yesterday after our TB check we went to the Safari Park, which was supposed to be an all day affair.  We left after a couple of hours.  Not because it wasn’t a great place (it really was) but because this mama had some drama!  I was falling apart with fatigue. 

You know the saying,  "if mama ain't happy ain't no one happy"? Well it’s true. 

I made sure of it. 

Not my best moment but I’m keeping it real here.

By the time we got back to our hotel it was almost 4 pm and I could hardly keep my eyes open.  We got the Butterfly bathed and changed her into PJ’s.  She was cranky and tired too so I thought lets have a little rest before dinner.

I woke up at 3 am.  (She’s still sleeping.)

I was fully dressed with all my make up and jewelry still on.  When I looked in the mirror my hair was sticking out sideways, my eyes were smudged black from mascara and I had stickers stuck to my chest and neck.

I am one-drop dead sexy new mom.  All I need now is a little sour milk perfume and some banana smashed onto my shirt.

Oh wait I have that.

PS cute pics on the Facebook Page of the Butterfly using chop sticks...

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