Call Me Mama

 March 10, 2012

Our soon to be daughter looking at photos of her new family.

This is the first time I get to hear her say "mama"...I mean really can you even imagine the emotions over here? She is pointing at a picture of me and calling me Mama!

That's it I'm officially an emotional mess.

Pretty amazing stuff on its own but especially miraculous given that there was a possibility (an expectation really) that due to her special need she would not be able to speak at all.

In addition to Mama she can be heard saying the Chinese words for Grandmother and Grandfather which is also  pretty neat as she is named after her grandmother.

It's a good thing we leave in 5 days....I don't think this mama's heart can take much more waiting.

(Special thank you to Tammy who is at SFCV now, lovin' on orphans and giving me sneak peeks of our DD)

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