February 22, 2012

These days it’s hard for me to hang on to a thought for very long.  Instead I am consumed with images of Butterfly Kisses! Mmmmmmm.

We are in the home stretch; the light is at the end of the tunnel, we are about to cross the finish line, victory is in sight…. what I am saying is…. we leave in 3 weeks!
Of course we still don’t have approval to travel, but TA----sha-me-A.... we are going anyway!
Actually I’m hoping my TA is pretty darned close to getting here  (did you place your bet in my TA pool???) Someone with my same A5 date got their TA TODAY (actually last night).  Now of course my agency added 3 days to the process (Argh) so my package wasn’t actually dropped off to the CCCWA until the 10th but still if this is any indication of the current turnaround times I should be seeing a TA in a couple/few days?
Ahhhh but of course there's a hitch.... MY AGENCY waits until they have a hard copy of the TA in their office in TX so unlike my AP friend we won’t actually be informed of our TA until a few days after it is issued.  Lovely.  So surprised.  Not really.
But I’m not here to bitch (much).  I haven’t been writing lately (a factor of my adoption onset ADD) and I thought I might try to harness whatever brain power I don’t have focused on adoption and give you a little update on life outside the wonderful world of waiting.
I guess I will start with a progress report on my exercise boot camp.  I told you about that right??  As part of my living out my word for 2012 (which was "discipline" of all things), I signed up for a 5am (kick myself in the) Boot(ie) Camp.  I started on January 2nd and to my utter dismay I’m still doing it. 
At first it was hard, like light headed, ready to pass out, I hope no one cares if I puke, hard. Over the past few weeks though I’ve noticed I’m getting stronger and faster and more over I’m feeling really healthy. Go me. I’ve improved my mile time by a full 2 minutes (it can actually be called running now) and I can do more than 40 pushups in a minute. Sure they're girl pushups but trust me for this old broad, that’s the stuff.  
And while that’s the good stuff, the bad stuff is the 4:50am wakeup call is killing me, mostly because I’m still up watching The Colbert Report at midnight but also because  it's 4:50 in the FREAKIN' morning.  Clearly I need to extend my discipline to an earlier bedtime!
What else???? Do you remember I mentioned we were talking to a producer about a TV show?  Well our family is a finalist. I know right?
We think we’ll hear back in the next few days if we are actually cast.  However one of the casting folks has already told us if we don’t get cast in this program they would like to pitch us for something else.  Yeah were sort of a big deal like that (cough cough). 
It’s all pretty ridiculous but whatever; I’m game for anything as long as it sounds like fun (and promotes adoption). So listen up TVland …have your girl call my girl and we’ll do lunch. (air)kiss, (air) kiss.
And really that’s it.  I’m busy packing, (I’ve packed a dozen pair of shoes and outfits to go with each for my baby girl along with 40 more pounds of “necessities” for her) and, I'm nesting (I stripped the wallpaper  in my kitchen---BTW wallpaper is of the devil) and,  I'm planning the logistics of our trip (tickets booked, private adoption guide hired, tour company secured).  The rest of my brain, if there is anything left after that, is busy obsessing with adoption timelines and setting up the occasional flowchart to analyze travel scenarios.
I know to some I look crazy but to those in the know, those BTDT got the T-shirt IA moms, they understand, THIS IS ADOPTION NORMAL!  I think.

You know the deal... I write, you click, we all go home happy.

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