O'Shalalie...You're doing What?

 February 9, 2012

March 17th might just be our lucky day....because O'Shalalie we are going to China!

After almost 10 months of waiting I'm about to go over the edge. (Yeah I know you could hardly even tell, cough).  I've been arguing with my agency over the outrageous fees  they sprung on me on top of the stupid delays dropping off my A5 and now another extra few days delivering my A5 to CCCWA and that added pressure has pushed me past my tipping point.

My husband, my WONDERFUL husband saw it coming.  He's good like that.

So today he took me to lunch and informed that he didn't want me to travel alone to China.  He wanted to come with me and better yet he wanted all the big kids to come too.  But it got even better.

At lunch we hatched a plan to travel for the kids spring break which starts on March 17th with or without travel approval.

It's a risk but we think hope we will have TA sometime in the first week of March which will allow us to get a consulate appointment the last couple days of March or the first week of April.

The plan for the moment is to book round trip flights for Dad, the boys and the girlfriend too leaving the 16th or 17th with a return on or about the 25th.  I will book just a one way flight leaving the same day as the rest of my crew but wait to book the return portion until I know when the Butterfly and I can come home.  In the worst case, if we don't have TA before we leave then I might need to make a second trip. 

Like I said there is a risk but frankly... I NEED to have a date. 

So I'm praying for a little luck of the Irish and hoping our little red thread doesn't get tied up in a knot.

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