Nesting...aka just another excuse to shop for cute little girl clothes

 January 3, 2012

I officially started nesting this weekend.  Somehow the changing of the calendar is making it all feel very real.  Well that and the fact that we are now in the paperwork homestretch!

We took down the tree yesterday and brought up the boxes of baby clothes, (insert ridiculous-I-should –be-totally-over-it-but-I’m-not squeal). 
I haven’t had any measurements since early September so I’m totally guessing on sizes.  Back then she was fitting in 18-24 month clothes and wearing a size 5 shoes so  I’m packing (yes that’s right, I’m packing) mostly 24 months items plus some 2t stuff.  I think if I stick to dresses (I might have a few) they should be pretty forgiving.
After sorting through the boxes of clothes I realized most of the stuff in the boxes were either too small or too big.  What’s a mom to do?  You know already.

Mud Pie...Lily Pad

Mud Pie Wild Child Giraffe
(hmmm there my be a Zebra set too...I just cant lay off the big bows)

And a Mud Pie Lady Bug Yoga Set, of course

Then there was BonEful for a few custom made frills...

Oh and I'll need a spiffy red and black Boba3G too...

 there might have been more but just in case you know who is reading we'll just leave it at that. 

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