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 January 12, 2012

Im not going to go into too much detail now (mostly because I don't know a whole lot) but...

we have a Skype interview tonight with a producer for a reality TV show.

Ummm, yeah, you read that right.

How completely bizarre is that?

We've actually been contacted a few times before; Headline News, a production company developing programing for the Oprah Network, the Nate Berkus Show but nothing (OBVIOUSLY) has ever come of it.

I suspect it will be the same this time too. I mean were pretty normal (read as boring... as in we have meatloaf on Tuesday's boring) and last I checked reality TV isn't looking for "normal".

Personally I would be thrilled to participate in something that presented a fair and balanced view of adoption and highlighted the orphan crisis in the world. That would be cool and I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. And, I think people would be interested in the real life drama of adoption.  I can't tell you how many times people have said to us, "you should write a book" or you guys need your own TV show" after I share our REAL adoption stories. And the truth is we (adoptive families) each have a compelling and unique story to tell.

There was an adoption show on a few years ago called Adoption Stories that followed adoptive parents through their adoption journey (all in 30 minutes including commercials).  It was sappy and never really touched on the real issues of know the messy stuff like the attachment and bonding, the awful wait, adoptions gone wrong, lost referrals, grieving birth mothers, trans racial/cultural identity, financial stress and forget about the economic, political and social issues causing the need for adoption.

Pretty much all you saw were adoptive parents emoting about wanting a child,  packing for a trip, running with open arms on gotcha day and then the joyous airport welcome home.

Not exactly how I remember our adoptions.  I'm sure I was the exception (cough, cough).

Our interview tonight is for a program that is more about family life than adoption per se.  If they are looking for "normal with a twist" we might be a fit.  If they are looking for "Snookie and the Situation get married, have kids and rock the cul de sac pot luck",  they might be disappointed.

I'll let you know.

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