All I want for Christmas is....You

 December 19, 2011

How many waiting Mamas are singing that song this Christmas?

I've never been a person who becomes depressed at Christmas time.  I adore Christmas: it is by far my favorite time of the year. But this year I'm just not feeling it.  I'm not depressed really...I'm just distracted. 

I know why of course.  I have a daughter on the other side of the planet this year and Christmas without all of my children home Christmas feels, well, not like Christmas.

I realized this is the third adoption to cross the holidays.  With the The Bee, Christmas was also her 2nd birthday and when we were told to travel back on January 7th to pick her up our response was to buy five airplane plane tickets and spend Christmas in Kazakhstan.

When we were waiting for the Ladybug rather than spend Christmas at home missing my daughter we left the country again and cruised the Med.

But with the Butterfly travel seems too far off to go now and stay until gotcha day and too close to make two big trips.

So we are home...and her absence is inescapable.

I know it sounds a little crazy to miss someone I've never even met, but I do.

Deep in my bones, I do.

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I know my distracted state has me slaking but I need a boost please.
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