She's a Hot Mess

 November 27, 2011

This is Julie.

She is the Bee's bestest friend.

We took Julie to brunch at the American Girl Cafe in New York City and I'm just going to say it...if it's not already obvious...

Of the hundreds of dolls at the cafe and store she was

by far

without compare

the most



out and out rattiest doll in the joint.

Think the picture doesn't look so bad?  Well let me tell you what you cant see is in addition to a funky case of bed head this doll came to brunch without pants!

We tried to convince the Bee that Julie should wear something a little dressier than underwear to the Cafe but she very flatly told us, "Julie told me she doesn't like pants".

Really who does?

A long holiday weekend with family, Broadway Show, Dinner with friends in the city....
and this is what I blog about???
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