The differences between boys and girls when it comes to reading

 October 8, 2011

Both girls are starting to read this year and they couldn't be more proud of themselves. Of course I am proud too and frankly a little surprised.

The difference between (my) boys and (my) girls is night and day.

The boys who are each very bright didn't have any interest in reading at 4 and 5 years old;to them reading was a chore.  I don't think I would call them readers until late first to second grade.  It wasn't that they weren't capable, they just preferred to ride bikes or play hockey or break stuff.

Not my girls! They are absolutely content to sit and read and write letters and try to spell words.  It's as if it's all a fun game to play. 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised; there is plenty of research to show that girls learn to read faster and easier than boys but I have to admit when my boys learned to read later than the daughters of my friends I secretly worried I was failing them. Maybe I needed to bust out some more flash cards, impose mandatory reading time, less TV, more fresh fruit, eliminate sugars and preservatives.

It turns out I just needed to give them time. It wasn't about me or my parenting. I wasn't a bad mom!!

What a relief.

But still, if its all right with you, I am going to take full superior parenting credit for the girls reading so early (ahem).

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