Christmas Shopping

 October 24, 2011

Yes you heard me ...I said CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

You know its getting close because the catalogs are starting to come in earnest.  One of my favorites is Uncommon Goods.  In fact this last catalog was so uncommonly good I think I could do all my shopping in one spot.

Some of the things hitting the jolly ole shopping list this year....

Belly Art for my favorite prego Jen...I mean how did I not have this when I was pregnant?

A Scratch Map for my oldest son who would like nothing more than to scratch off his seventh continent.

An Iphone slash bottle opener for my friend Susan who appreciates more than anyone I know both her iphone and a cold beer.

For my boss, this paperweight....he knows why.

For Emily and Francine and my other friends hoping to adopt from China in the next year.

For my Baby Boy to save all the stubs from the sporting events he and his dad attend together, the Ticket Stub Diary.  How cool is that?
Said What?  A book to record all the cute and funny and wonderful things the kids say. I may need more than one.

And for my dear ADD husband...the Phonekerchief.  Brilliant. Positively brilliant.

And if anyone wants to get me a gift I think this might work. The Mom and Child Tote bag with extra hang on handle for the mom who has more kids than hands. Ahhhh, yup that would be me.

By the way Uncommon Goods is not paying for this advertisement...but they should.

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