Halloween Party... oh yeah and I'm Old

 October 26, 2011

So I haven't been writing much because well as I said in the title I am old...which apparently means my eyesight is going to bite the dust.

The truth is over the past several weeks I've noticed myself squinting to read (and write) my favorite blogs (not to mention the financial reports at work that my CFO seems intent on printing in a microscopic font, ahem).

Anywho, I have an appointment with the eye doctor this morning.  I've always had BETTER than 20/20 vision but something tells me "readers" (and I don't you) are in my very near future (like10am today).  A sure sign of age eh?

So until I have my eyes back and can actually see what I write please enjoy a few pictures of the bugs at Friday night's Halloween Party and Haunted Hayride.

You will never guess what they went as....

They decided they were bug super hero's...bug power activate!

The Bee won for the "Cutest" costume

My Ladybug decided a vampire Ladybug was way cooler than a nice ladybug.

We made the most obnoxious candy covered caramel apples...and "forgot" to bring them home. Darn.

And here is where we get parents of the year, the Haunted Hayride.  We haven't even left and the bugs are terrified.  By the time we got back the Bee was in tears and the ladybug vowed never to EVER come back.  Baby Brother of course thought watching his sister almost pee their pants was the best part of the night!
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