20 Kids Who Need Families

 October 20, 2011

The following children are all being cared for by the amazing people at Shepherd's Field Children's Village in China. This is where my Baby Butterfly lives. So in a way these are her foster brothers and sisters.

And each of them is waiting for their family to find them....Here's hoping they just did.

Please contact an adoption agency to working in the the China Special Needs Program or Tim Baker at Adoption@ChinaOrphans.org to inquire how you can adopt one of these beautiful children.

Luo Shuqi AKA Sharon was born on 11/16/2007. She has a heart condition.
Grayson has a family!
Fu Zhijiang AKA Vincent was born on 06-17-09 he has allergies with skin rashes
Ling Deting AKA Charissa was born on 8/23/2005. She had a spinal tumor (post surgery)
Fu Yaqing AKA Bill born on 2/22/2009. He has an ear deformation.
Niu Kaien AKA Ethan born 12/28/2009 has a cleft lip/palate and deformed ear.

Blossom found her family!
Huai Xiaolong, AKA Josiah born 1/01/2006 has a small right ventricle, pulmonary atresia, & tricuspid atresia.
Ling Xuyang AKA Kennedy was born on 02/13/06. He has hydrocephalus
Guang Fujun AKA Xander born on 03/15/03 . Has autism.
Guang Meitong, AKA Diane born on 8/09/08. She has a cleft lip& palate.

Wang Fengcai AKA Macy was born on 08/10/2009. She has a cleft lip/palate and a heart problem
Liu Rongying AKA Heather was born on 04/09/2007. She has a complex heart problem
Dang Feilong AKA Joseph was born on 05/08/1999. He has pulmonary atresia (first surgery Sept 2006) & Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, voice problem
Zheng Hao'en AKA Robert was born on 12/06/2007.He has possible arthrogryposis, cong. Bone/joint deformity
Dang Shanbei AKA Moses was born on 05/20/00. Special need: dwarf, complex (inoperable) heart condition, deaf
Song Jiayuan AKA Noel. Born on 05/01/2003. She has CP.
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