STILL WAITING...5 Ways You Can Help

 August 21, 2011

I am disheartened to see these children still waiting for a family.  A sad indication of the enormity of the orphan crisis in China.  While most healthy babies in China easily find homes, (most often adopted domestically), older and special needs children remain institutionalized.

I have been advocating for some of these children for months now and they've all waited long enough.  These children need your help now.   Here is what you can do;
  1. Pray for these children specifically.
  2. Ask your church family to pray for them too.  
  3. Share their need for a family with your friends and family.
  4. Share this post on your blog or FB page or Church bulletin...any place you think might reach a prospective family.
  5. Finally if it's in your heart, consider adopting one of these children as your own.

Craig (3/2010, Clubbed feet (Unilateral) and Deformity of fingers, special focus)

Kaelen (10/2010, maldevelopment of both hands, special focus)

Javier (10/2009, Cerebral Palsy (mild), special focus)

June, (6/1998, palsy of the left limbs, due to meningitis/video available, Special Focus: Singles allowed)
Mariana, (12/1998 Cleft lip/palate-repaired, Hep B, Special Focus:Singles allowed)

Ollie, (4/2004 mild cerebral palsy/video available, Special Focus: Singles allowed)

If you would like to learn how you can adopt one of these beautiful children email me for agency information today.

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