Violin Lessons

 August 19, 2011

The Littles have been taking violin lesson for about six months now. (In keeping with my full disclosure policy,  I must tell you that Dad got a new camera for his birthday which is why I have pictures of today's lesson to share.) So far they have taken their lessons together.  Because they really like to be together (interpret as they are nearly lost and in tears without each other).

For now they both seem to be enjoying themselves and are willing to bust out their fiddles at home to play a mad rendition of scales whilst rhythmically singing PEA-NUT-BUT-TER-JEL-LIE, PEA-NUT-BUT-TER-JEL-LIE. 

But if I'm being perfectly honest The Ladybug is much more attentive and violin inclined than her sister.

True to her personality she is an exceptional student who pays meticulous attention to every instruction offered by her teacher. (Oh and my favorite part is when the lesson is over she bows and says "thank you for teaching me".  Seriously she's practically perfect.)

And then there's The Bee ...whose attention span isn't quite there (yet).

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