Sick of IA Critics

 August 16, 2011

I'm sickened. I'm angry.  I am down right pissed. And I WANT TO JUST THROW THIS COMPUTER ACROSS THE ROOM.

 This beautiful little girl is being allowed to waste away in an orphanage.

And while my heart breaks for her and the family that wants needs her home NOW,  I can't help but think about all these self appointed IA  "activists" who deem (oh so academically, because none of them are serving in China or Ethiopia or any other "victimized sending country") international adoption to be evil and adoptive parents the evil doers.

(oh sure they don't say all...they begrudgingly allow that some adoptions (as if they are the minority) are necessary last resort options and of course some AP's better than just evangelizing dolts out to save the word as they conspire with child abductors. But just some. Grrrr.)

What did they call it now?

cultural genocide?


innately corrupt?

What was that they accused me of being?

Overly dramatic for suggesting children "rot" in orphanages?

A rich woman with an Angelina Jolie celebrity fixation preying on the poor women of the third world?

Didn't they chastise me because I wanted to march in DC to bring attention to the unnecessary bureaucracy in the IA process? Because unnecessary bureaucracy and delay is a good thing...for this child?

Well right now, as I type with tears still in my eyes I say to you... broad brush, anti adoption "activists"...

until you can fix THIS....


Until you are really willing to talk about how to protect children.... from trafficking and laundering and inappropriate separation from birth families WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY &  WITH EQUAL EMPHASIS protecting them from the abuse and starvation and institutional neglect they suffer, I don't want to hear it. 

No, IA (like this world we live in) is not perfect, but in many cases it is necessary.  And no, international adoption is not the first option, but once the better options are eliminated it is a good option-in fact it can be a very good one.

A solution that balances the overarching issues that cause children to become "orphans" with the real time needs of children already "orphaned" is required... because we can't shouldn't ask Katerina to DIE WAITING for a politically correct solution.  Anything less is about promoting an the expense of children in crisis.

At Katerina's expense.

Is that enough 'NUANCE" for one evil adoptive parent? my fellow AP evil doers's please reach out to this mom and give her your support.  Pray for her and her daughter and for the staff at this orphanage. 

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