In a Galaxy Far Far Away...aka Minnesota

 July 21, 2011

Aidan is not an outdoorsy kid.

Which is an understatement,

of galactic proportion.

Originally he was going to stay home but he sort of screwed up and this was his "punishment"...

A week in a cabin in the north country of Minnesota.

It's been hard on him because he would much rather be playing video games and hanging at the movies with his friends but mostly its hard because he's never really been in trouble before.  (Honestly I think this might be his first "grounding".) I almost backed off but we had to follow through to maintain credibility plus he was being a real P.I.T.A with begging us to let him off the hook.

He's been there for almost a week and apparently has not spoken.  At all.  A vow of silent protest. He's so dramatic.

Until today when he finally communicated and WROTE me this email;


Mom its Aidan, and Nolan in spirit. The game we have been following for 3 years now, star wars the old republic just became available for pre order. While Nolan and I want to eventually get our own accounts, we want to start by deleting my wow account and transferring the funds to our new game. The only problem we have right now is that the game's pre-order (which comes with the ability to play the game months before it hits the shelves) is $173.99. I fully intend to pay for this but do not have the funds at the moment, and so I would like to create a contract where you would buy the game for Nolan and me, and we would pay it off as quickly as possible with allowance and services. 

Normally you would also receive interest for fronting the money...this will be replaced by you having rights to play the game when it arrives. 

While you consider this proposition, please take into consideration that I am currently in a boiling hot, overly humid, horse fly infested, HELL HOLE IN WHICH THERE IS NO ESCAPE!!!!!!"

As I said, sooooooo dramatic.

And in case you wondered,  I agreed to loan him the money (though I don't think I'll collect that "interest").

I pretty much couldn't say no after Dart sent a picture showing Aidan looking grossly hot, with a pitifully small fish that he apparently caught with a make shift fishing pole made from a clothes hanger.

I DO believe we have crossed over to cruel and unusual punishment

the force is strong...your fishing skills...not so much.

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