I'm off to China!

 June 5, 2011

I am finally on my way to China for my first Visiting Orphans Mission Trip.  After many weeks of planning, gathering donations and packing the hundreds of pounds of supplies and medical equipment I believe (and pray) that now I am ready.

Ready to open my heart and my arms to do His work.

I have to thank all of the wonderful people and organizations and communities that pulled together to make this everyday miracle happen.  It sounds cliche to say I couldn't have done it without you but sometimes it's just the way it is.

  • First and foremost my husband a logistical prince of a man.  He packed the bags and then drove from Cleveland to St Louis to Nashville and finally met me in Tampa just to get all of donations to our team members.  That's on top of enthusiastically supporting me on this trip and being a single Dad for two weeks!
  • All my facebook FRIENDS who one night brought me to tears over and over again as each one of you emailed, texted and facebooked your promised donations and support.  Your donations added up to more than 200 pounds of love.
  • Heidi Hendrock  and MedWish International for ferreting out every last piece of pediatric equipment and supplies you could find and then generously forgoing the administrative expenses.
  •  The Kaz Adoption community who's love of children and heart for orphans knows no border.
  • Robin Jonas and Bashful Bliss who went above and beyond the call of duty to help me raise $500 in my necklace fundraiser.  And thanks of course to all the people who bought necklaces too!
  • Doug and Jan, my mother and father in law who (always) help with the kids so we could plan and pack.
  • To my 103 new followers who added another $103 to the orphanage donation.
  • Shannon and the the rest of my Chen Zhou Team....I can't wait!
  •  Regina, Karen F, Karen K, Kristan, Gretchen, Stacy, and Anita who stayed up all night with me before I left at 3:30am for the airport! I couldn't imagine a better send off.

So nothing left to do now but get there and love on some babies.  Keep us in your prayers and stay tuned...hoping to post pics of lots of beautiful kids needing families.

Who knows maybe you'll find YOUR child on this blog....

I did:)

Keep clicking while I'm gone...I'm counting on you!
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