(Adoption) # 3 is NOT Charmed

 June 27, 2011

Guess this is going to be stressor number one for this adoption. See if you can follow this (because honestly I am struggling with it).

We are running a race against a deadline to get our Log in Date (LID) with China by October 1st.  The log in date is issued by China after you submit your dossier.

Problem is I can't submit my dossier (which is one from 2007 that we are reusing) until we get a new immigration approval from USCIS.

But I can't file for the immigration clearance until I get an updated home study.

And I don't have my updated home study yet from my social worker and I really cant push her for it. (Crazy horrible situation... earlier this month my social worker's son died and then just 3 weeks later she lost her father.  It's been beyond tragic and I cannot not hold any hard feelings about the delay.  It's understandable and all the way around awful.)

The reason we are up against the October 1 deadline is our current home study agency is not Hague accredited which wasn't a problem until now (or October 1, 2011).  Its a change in procedure that happened (or was communicated to us) after we had already committed to Mia.

here is the time line assuming best case;

Get home study update and file our I800a with USCIS this week lets say July 1st.

Get immigration pre approval from USCIS and immediately send Dossier to China.  Since its now taking between 60-90 days lets say this will bring us to September 15th.

Pray that somehow China issues a LID before October 1...oh yeah its been taking them MONTHS to issue the LID's.

It seems is impossible.

And I really think I'm going to have to redo my entire home study with a new agency. 


And just to add to my growing sense of doom I'm now hearing it will take 6-9 months after I get my LID before I can expect to bring Mia home.

At that rate she will not be home in the fall, not make it here for Christmas and could DEAR GOD actually have another birthday without us.  

(I honestly think I will have a break down if I have to send a second birthday cake to an orphanage.)

I'm going to wallow in a bit of sell pity for a minute.

Then I've got to make the call to start a new home study now or just pray the timing will work out.

Tell me, what would you do?

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