Krazy Design Flaw

 April 24, 2011

Remember Krazy-Straws?

I do.

A fond child of the 70's memory...Saturday mornings filled with HR Puff N Stuff, School House Rock and commercials for must have items like the KRAZY-STRAW.

The Krazy-Straw. Not your run of the mill straw. So much more than a bendy straw.  A swirling, twirling pipeline of fun that turned drinking your milk (or orange flavored Tang in my case) into a game!

Who could resist slurping liquid through an intertwining maze of loop-de-looped plastic tubing?

That 15 second delay while your red dye #5 Kool Aid traveled to your lips was high entertainment back then.

I had one once...

until it gunked up with milk from my bowl of Fruit Loops

and my mother insisted on tossing it in the trash.

**bittersweet memories**

When I came across Krazy-Straw GLASSES (arguably the craziest Krazy-Straw of them all) in the Target dollar bins  a wave of nostalgia swirled around me and I knew they had to be added to the kid's Easter baskets.

And a generation later they are still a hit.

Except clearly they are made for a big kid face.

Not to worry.

Design flaw corrected...

Happy Easter!

click, click, slurp, click

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