I'm not asking but....I'm asking

 April 19, 2011

"I'm not asking but....What do you know about Gisela?"

That was my very short email to Steph Crouch over at Great Wall China Adoption at 2:03pm today.

And at 2:10 pm,  this is what I got back...

"that she is absolutely ADORABLE!!!"

"she has an abnormal brain CT, and a neuro that reviewed it says she's at higher risk for seizures, which is why i added epilepsy to her list.  she has not had any documented seizures that i know of. she has what appears to be mild cp, mildly affecting her right side.  she can walk, she just limps. when i updated her listing with the needs, i was going off what the family told me (dad's a doctor) but after reviewing her info again, i don't think it all fits.  i've changed her special needs on the photo listing.  at any rate, her's a taste of what her last update said:

     c. Can she speak in sentence of 3-5 words? No, she can’t speak complete sentence. She can only say word such as “Mom, dad, sister and nanny” in Chinese.
     d. Can she say the names of her friends and objects in her environment (ball, chair, shoe, etc)?
She knows the names of her friends but she can’t express verbally. She knows the objects in her environment but can’t say the words. If you tell her to get the ball, she would take it to you.
     e. How are her fine motor skills?  She can pick up small object and put it into her mouth. She can eat biscuit by herself. She can play the toys.
     f. How are her gross motor skills? She can crawl, walk, run and jump.
     g. How do they feel her cognitive development is compared to her peers?    
She knows the praise and criticism. She knows the good and bad. She would prepare the chair for her caregiver and help with the housework. She knows to wipe the mouth after the meal. Her cognitive development has no delay compared to her peers. She is sweet and affectionate. "

So THEN at 7:55pm I sent this email to Stephanie

"OK now I AM asking for the file....if Gisela is still available Dart and I would like to review her file, (gulp)"

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