Basic Alignment

 April 20, 2011

I was having a bit of writers block so I asked my hubby to give me an idea about what to write.  His response?

“The Monsters are in the playoffs and the Indians are in first place.  Write about that.”

Really? Has the man even seen my blog?

Or for that matter lived with me for the last 22 years??

And OH. DEAR. GAWD. this is the man responsible each morning for dressing and doing hair for the girls?????

THIS was this morning’s failed attempt at fashion.

(An Etsy angel just died.)

A Toddler and Tiara Dad he is not!

But he IS a good daddy....despite his obvious disability.

And I guess I can't really complain.  I mean how many dads are mixing and matching Matilda Jane with flair?  Or proficient with the fine art of accessorizing??

And in his defense he does (usually) make sure they are at least clean before they go to school.

But still


we HAVE to work on straight parts and basic pigtail alignment....

Hey thanks for getting us back to number guys rock!!!!!
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