March 22, 2011

Our stop in Haiti was a fairly nondescript beach break. There wasn’t much, by which I mean there was NO Haitian culture to be found.   Honestly I don’t even feel like I can say I’ve been to Haiti. Labadee where we came into port is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean and while the beach areas were pleasant we could have been anywhere in the Caribbean,

Saying I’ve been to Haiti would be like saying I’ve been to Norway....because I once visited the Norwegian section of Epcot.

 But hey the beach is never a bad day.

Macy ready for her first ever day at the beach.

Just keepin it real, a lot of people in this family were tired and cranky today.  I won't name names (cough)...Aidan, Nolan, Dart...but as you can see some of us are having a great time!

We are in port again today!  

Jamaica Mon.

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