March 16, 2011

Slight change of pace...

I am going to India in May.  It is a business trip to investigate the potential of outsourcing part of our business.

(In case you don't already know when I'm not blogging or shopping on Etsy or playing Candy Land or cheering at youth hockey games, I'm the Chief Executive Officer of a midsized health care company.)

I've always had a slight discomfort with outsourcing when so many American's are out of work.  Of course I am also very much aware of the realities of the global economy.  How to balance the two? It is a dilemma.

I got a telemarketing call yesterday that did not help

It was not from India

It was from (I'm just guessing) somewhere near where those Jersey Shore kids live.

Ironically his "New Yawka" accent was so thick at first I had no idea what he was talking about

My husband filled out an entry card.

(yup that sounds like him)

We won a trip.

(sure we did)

We need to come pick up our "prize" in person.

(yeah whatever)

Then perhaps sensing my skepticism, the telephone mark-a-teer added

(and I'm going to go out onto a limb and say this was not in his approved script)

"I don't need no money now cause this ain't like no timeshare scheme or nothing."

(try not to laugh...too late....snort)

Are you kidding?

In a way I was impressed at his efficiency. I didn't think one could obliterate so many rules of grammar in a single sentence!

I mean it had;

the "ain't,

the superfluous "like"

the double double negative.

But that wasn't even the best part

He went on to tell me we could choose a trip to either Orlando or Vegas

He informed me that Orlando was, "more of a family trip" and we could take the kids

Vegas he continued was more of an adult vacation and probably best for just me and my husband.

But he quickly clarified that since my husband was the actual winner he could choose anybody he wanted to go with him to Vegas.

Forgive me but this is where I hung up the phone.

And all I could think was...

1. THIS is why we outsource call center jobs to India.

2. Who the hell else is my husband taking to Vegas?

Hey you gotta like click the brown bar or I ain't never gonna get to #1.

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