March 23, 2011


You haven’t changed a bit.

And no I still don’t want to braid my hair.

I could tell you about our day in Jamaica.  You know the zip lining in the monsoon like rain, climbing Dunes River Falls with Nina as my 27 pound weight belt, almost missing the ship and running through the throngs of locals who came out to see the Oasis set sail ...

but really the thing I most want to talk about is

the braids.

The insistent requests by the Jamaicans to braid my hair are the fault of way too many of you are saying yes!

I mean, why?

Seriously ladies even Bo Derek did NOT look good in a full head of corn rows.

I suppose it is one way to say to all your friends... hey look at me I just went on a tropical vacation but wouldn’t a tan and tee shirt work too?

I know it might seem like a good idea when your all juiced up on the vacation endorphins (and perhaps a wee bit too much island rum).

But trust me on this, no matter how cute the beads are, this is NOT a good look and your friends will not impressed.

I’m thinking we need a sort of bad choices buddy system....sort of like the designated driver campaigns.

Consider this your vacation PSA.

Friends don’t let friends get corn rows.

(or get tattoos....but that’s more for Thursday when were in Mexico.)

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