Come Out

 February 10, 2011

More than 16,000 hits on this blog in the last month.   Either my mother is more obsessed than I thought OR there are a lot of you out there I don't know about.

There's a word for your kind.

blog lurker (blŏg lurk"er) n. 1. a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a blog or other interactive system like chat room or forum, but rarely participates by contributing their comments.

It sounds sinister doesn't it?

But I do it too.

I read about your family.  Look at your pictures. Check out your friend's blogs too.

Without ever even saying hello.

No comment or hint of my existence (other than an IP address) to let you know I was ever there.

Are you a blog lurker too? Here on my blog?

Are you the person from Australia I keep seeing on my Stats?

You don't have to be a Lurker.  You can come out of your Lurker closet.  Today. 

Trust me.  You are safe.  I won't be critical.  I can't spell either.  My participles dangle all the time.  And you know by now I often don't make sense.

Just please come out and say hello. Introduce yourself (or not). 

Just give me some sign you are there. 

Watching (no that's flat out creepy)

I mean.... Reading.

Go ahead...leave a comment.

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