90 Days Post OP

 February 11, 2011

Our surgeon told us Macy's full recovery would take six months and we are now half way there.  Each day we see a little more improvement.  The scar itself is nearly faded away.  Her nose is still not quite centered but it is moving the way it is supposed to.  Over the next few months as all the swelling heals we expect her nose to be just where it should to be.

In the middle of her gorgeous face.

I wanted to share our good outcome with any who might have a cleft affected kid facing revision surgery or for those considering adopting a child with cleft lip.  We have had a terrific outcome so far and have found Cleft Lip/ Cleft Palate to be an easily managed "special need".  Honestly we don't think about it much, if at all.

But then again special needs is a relative term.

And we have teenagers.

Before Surgery.  The scar on Macy's lip is jagged and thick and there is an irregular "puckering" in her cheek muscle. She's still pretty darned cute though.

Hours after her 5 hour surgery...all things considered she looked great.

After.  Macy's scar fades more and more every day.  At this point it is hard to see the incision scar itself. Her lip is much smoother and softer and she is gaining more elasticity in her lip. She's got the cheesy four year old smile down pat!

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