Happy Valentine's Day

 February 14, 2011

A teenage girl caught in an epic love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf... 
It could happen.

Valentine's Day has me in a romantic mood so I will admit it.
I’ve read the entire Twilight series.
Even New Moon.

Judge me if you must but I loved them.
More than a 40 something mother of five should.
What can I say we each have our own vice.  Skip the chocolate and roses and give me a sexy vampire any day.
Technically Edward was NOT a teenager.  In fact he was a much older man...like a 300 years old or something... so it’s not really as inappropriate as it sounds: me lusting after a teenage vampire. Really if he and I were together (more swooning) HE would be the cradle robber. At 44 I would be but a babe in his eyes, (long sigh). I mean not that it's true, or he's real or that I think about it (much).

Anyway now that I’m out of the Twilight closet perhaps you will understand my choice of dress for the other two valentines in my life.

Be Mine...fovever please.

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