January 11, 2011

Don't mess with the Printy girls...

Hiyah, we did it!
 Macy Bel and Nina Bea have earned their "half yellow" belt in Taekondo! Their test consisted of a lot of poses (I'm sure it's called something else), bowing, yelling "yes sir" and ultimately breaking a board in half with a powerful **smirk** kick!! 

In case you wondered...there are two belt tests to get from white belt to yellow belt. The first grading gives you a yellow stripe on your white belt (this is what the little's now have) and is half-way to yellow belt. Then the second grading gives you a full yellow belt. The white belt represents innocence, as in no knowledge of taekwondo. The yellow belt represents the earth: in which the roots of taekwondo form ready for a beautiful plant to grow. Sounds lovely but....

all the girls really want to do is flip their brothers onto the floor.
Don't mess with my tough girls!

Pow, Bam, Boom

Eye of the Tiger

still little miss sunshine

Shy but proud

Macy receives her half yellow belt

perhaps one of the smallest waists he's ever tied

great bow Nina Bea

boys... you're in trouble now

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