Backyard Pond Hockey

 January 12, 2011

This afternoon Nolan's entire peewee hockey team showed up at our house for an old school pond hockey scrimmage.  

The kids seemed to have lots of fun skating, shooting the puck and even shoveling snow-which they had to do several times as it snowed the whole time they were out there.  My super hockey dad husband set up a make shift locker room in our lower level, cranked up the out door speakers and even had a nice backyard  fire going. Everything a hockey player could ask for right?  I thought it was brutally cold but the kids played for hours.  

When it was finally too dark to see the puck anymore the kids came in for hot chocolate and cookies while they thawed their rosy cheeks and wet feet. Got to admit it was a fairly perfect cold weather afternoon. 

Sometimes the frigid Midwest has its moments...

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