September 15, 2010

I have been running for weeks now trying to get ready for my first ever 5k. I will be running (quit laughing) the "Walk for Kaz" 5K on September 25th in Indianapolis. I followed the couch25k running program and I am finally at the point that I can indeed run 5 kilometers without stopping to walk, gasping for air, cramping or throwing up!  I am not going to break any land speed records but I do feel like I'm ready!

Of course it's never that easy....just this week I decided to take both of the girls with me to the event (Dart and the boys will be staying at home).   I had been planning a different sort of  "girl's weekend" but after our last minute getaway  to the Bahamas I just didn't want to be away from my girls another weekend.  And, as if the 5 hours drive with two demanding diva's isn't enough to make you sweat, I now have just 10 days to work up the strength to run while pushing a 23 pound jogging stroller filled with almost 60 pounds of double trouble.  Honestly I'm hoping that the adrenaline will kick in and I wont even notice my extra load...bring on the runner's high!

The bigger hurdle is the need to raise a few dollars for Two Hearts for Hope the beneficiary of the event.  I am hoping to raise $500 dollars.  Actually,  I am hoping I can get 100 friends to donate $5 each. Somehow that seems fitting; 5K...5 Kids...$5 bucks!

So I am asking YOU dear reader to please make a $5 donation to sponsor my runYou can donate by going to Pay Pal and making a personal gift payment to my email address loriprinty@gmail.com.  Thank you everyone who can help out and please be sure to leave a comment too...all support is welcome!

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