Birth Mother Search

 August 2, 2010

Our first photo of Nina
I am not going to say much on this but a few months ago we initiated a search to find Nina's birth family.  Yesterday I received an email letting us know the search was successful.  The searchers located her birth mother, delivered a letter I wrote along with photos and were able to get photos, video and an interview.  I don't have any of that yet but it is forthcoming.

I am torn and now that I know the information is there I'm not sure I really want it.  It is however Nina's right to know who her birth family is and I am determined to stay focused on what is best for her.  My mind is racing and I am struggling now with how and when to share with Nina.  I am hopeful that once I have the information I will be better able to answer these questions.

I was thinking back to our time in Kaz and how the night we met Nina she immediately seemed like she was ours, meant to be, every bit our daughter. It was easy for me to pretend there was no mother before me but of course this is not the case. Tonight I find myself looking at our referral photo and thinking "how did she let you go"?  So many sides to this complicated story....Nina's story.

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