Girl from Guangdong

 July 31, 2010

 We bought this painting while visiting the Chen Family's Temple in Guangzhou and yesterday we finally got it back from the framers. It is one of my most favorite souvenirs from our trip to China.   The painting is a watercolor on rice paper and is very delicate.  I hand carried it the entire way from Guangzhou to Ohio (all while juggling a three year old).  The people working in the gallery told us it was painted by a well known Chinese artist and eagerly showed me a book with a biography and photos of the artist and then they gave me the book. Unfortunately I neither speak nor read Chinese so I still don't really know much about him.  I plan to do a little more research once I get some extra time.  All I know is I think the piece is stunning.  So now this beautiful woman graces the space over my fireplace, a daily reminder of our color trip to China.

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