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 June 5, 2010

In China Blogger is blocked and although I can post via email I can not see the posts.  I do however get comments by email.  Judgeing by the recent comments received I guess someone else is able to access our blog.  Sadly Dart and I have not hit the lottery....too bad cause we would adopt a bunch more little Macys if we had!  (Thanks Aidan for clarifying in your comment. Love you sweetie.)

We are at the White Swan in Guangzhou.  It is Florida like weather and there is a decidedly vacation attitude here.  We have already hit the pool which Macy LOVED and we are heading out for some shopping and dinner at an outdoor cafe.  Oh yeah and I got my (ok Macy's) Going Home Barbie! It all feels real now:)

We took Macy for her medical exam and vaccinations this morning.  She needed four vaccinations (one in each arm and leg) plus a TB test.  Poor thing cried and screamed but we got through it and so far she seems to be feeling well.  Pray the TB test is non reactive so we can leave China without delay!

Much love....better luck next time with the lotto.  I have another email from this guy in Nigeria that sounds promising!


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