Good Bye Guiyang

 June 3, 2010

Today is our last day in Guiyang.  I feel like we have been here a very long time but in reality I think it has only been 6 days. Days and nights run together on trips like these and combined with the excitement of a new child and jet lag, the passage of time seems to change shape and move in strange ways.Whatever day this is we are glad to be moving forward to the next phase of our trip because it means we are one step closer to home. 

For obvious reasons though this will always be a very special place for us.  Guizhou is my daughter birthplace and here she leaves behind a birth mother, 2 foster families, a rich and colorful people, language and food and a breathtaking landscape. While we must leave this place, I hope that she manages to take with her some of the strong and feisty spirit of Guizhou/Guiyang people.  At last count we had more than 800 photos of this Province along with hours of video.  We will do our best to preserve Macy's memories and build a positive and proud image of her heritage.  Culturally I know that soon enough she will become a mid western American girl but maybe one with a decidedly spicy twist!

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