If it's Sunday, we must be in Canton

 June 6, 2010

We are in Guangzhou with is what the west used to call Canton.  A very interesting history indeed.  The architecture here is decidedly western, one can easily see the British influence all around the island.  It is interesting to see the differences between the Cantonese and the Guizhou people.  One huge difference is the food,  I can not get over the "interesting" items on the menus and the vast array of bones we must eat around!  Our guide told us there is a saying that "the Cantonese eat everything in the sky except the airplane and everything in the sea except the boats and everything on four legs except the table and chairs"! I would say that is about right!! I wish I could say the local fare was helping me to trim my waistline but the truth is I am having fun trying it all. 

Macy Bel is doing great and has been full of love and affection for both of us.  She is a wiz bang with English and is using new words every day.  Today we learned to sing "if you're happy and you know it"  she sings and claps on cue.  She is also counting to three and playing rock paper scissors.

The child has personality to spare and more and more we see in her the same sassy little spirit we know in love with Nina.  These two will be a sisterly powerhouse. 

Here are a few pictures of Miss Sassafras from pool time yesterday...

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