Not So Minor Change of Schedule

 May 11, 2010

We got our final itinerary today from Great Wall with one very nice change, we are getting Macy a day early! Woohoo, Gotcha Day will now be May 30th at 3pm. So by the time you wake up on Sunday, drink your coffee and read the morning paper we will (FINALLY) have our sweet Macy in our arms! (and hopefully have an update posted here)

Since we are getting close, I did pack a few things tonight (pick your jaw up Angela). But, mostly my prep has been revamping the blog and setting up a Shutterfly Share Site. After dorking around for a few days with the Shutterfly and trying to set permissions I have decided it is too complicated. So the site is up and no membership or password is required. Stalk to your hearts desire! (Truth is there was no way my Mom would have ever figured it out. When we were in Kaz and I couldn't post one day she called my sister worried that something had happened to us. Trust me this is for the best. I don't need her calling Hillary Clinton when she can't see her granddaughter's pictures) You can get to the photo site by clicking the "Macy Macy Smiley Facey" button on the top right of the blog.

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