China Adoption Moves Forward

 November 16, 2009

We received our "PA" or Pre Approval from China on Thursday night.  This is way ahead of schedule.  We thought it would take 2-4 weeks but it came in just 10 days!  Now our dossier moves to the matching room and we wait for a document called the "Letter Seeking Confirmation. We are told this process should take 4 to 8 weeks. While I certaainly hope it is closer to 4 weeks (or 3) we still haven't been able to update our homestudy and file the I800A required for immigration.  That really makes me nervous because it looks like I800 processing is taking about 6 weeks.  The degree of coordination required to get us to China without delay is significant but still I am hopeful that we will meet Macy this coming March (or with a little bit more luck maybe even as soon as February).  For now we are celebrating the receipt of our PA and the small step closer to our daughter that it represents.

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