InterContinental Life

 January 4, 2009

I didn't hear much about the InterContinental also known as the Ankara on the kaz boards but it turns out to be a very nice although expensive place to stay. The breakfast buffet this morning was amazing. I can't think of anything that was NOT there. There was a Japanese breakfast section with rice, bean spouts, tofu and sashimi. There was 12 feet of pastries laid out, an espresso bar, fresh squeezed juice, cooked to order eggs, caviar, 10 different meats and cheeses, all sorts of fruits, berries, nuts and cereals. Plus the usual American style breakfast foods like pancakes, french toast, bacon etc. Awesome, and all that for only $200 for the 6 of us (and I think Nina was free). Forget cereal and yogurt, tomorrow morning we are having the caviar, salmon and truffles special!

The hotel does have a pool and spa which is a huge bonus. Outside it is grey and snowy and the pool is just what we need for the kids. So we took Nina this morning for her first swim and she absolutely loved it. It is hard to believe she was afraid to take a bath just a week ago. Right now Nina is napping after her hard morning of playing in the water and I did get an appointment for a massage for this afternoon. So we are hunkering down and relaxing before the big trip home. I do think we will venture out tonight for dinner and maybe some ice skating. It is a good day.

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