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 October 10, 2008

Not much to report on the adoption front. I am in a bit of a let down period I guess. We had been mentally preparing to travel in November and now that we know we won't be going this year I've lost a little steam. Anticipation is a wonderful emotion but it is exhausting too. It is impossible (for me anyway) to keep up the pace when Kazakhstan is still so far away. So I feel more relaxed, I am settled in for the wait.

Of course I don't want you to read too much into that. I remain hopeful and excited. It is not likely this will effect my baby shopping compulsion (although Anne may be planing an intervention for me!) Regarding the ridiculous amount of clothes I have accumulated first let me say; it's been two very long years of waiting already, everything (well almost) was on sale, hopefully I'll have 2 shots at getting seasons and sizes to jive, anything I don't/can't use will be donated to a good cause. Second, as a woman who quite literally owns greater than 35 pair of black shoes (yes that's just the black shoes), I think I've been pretty darned restrained.(How's that for a rationalization!)

BTW: I can now do leg squats holding a 120 pound weight bar....I do not understand why I want to do leg squats holding a 120 pound weight bar....did I mention my trainer has blue eyes?

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