Last Big Packing Weekend

 October 25, 2008

This has been a ridiculous week. True to form and right on cue, my work life is spiraling out of control with marathon meetings, urgent projects, crisis, and more drama than ever. The week was capped off late in the day Friday when I found out I needed to fly to Chicago on Monday, (like I have time for this). Oh well, Murphy's Law.

I did escape for a half hour to buy my little darling's "debut outfit", (wait until you see it so cute-so girly). And we have been slowly but surely making piles of stuff to pack. The unpainted, unfinished nursery is now our Kaz staging ground. Hopefully today the bags will be packed except for the last minute additions. (of course Nolan has 2 hockey game today-in two cities-so we shall see)

The last minute paperwork, fingerprinting, apostiling is complete and this weekend I plan to scan every bit of paper work onto my laptop with a copy of our file on a flash drive. The originals will be hand carried by me like it IS our baby! The only big thing we still need is our Visa's. I am starting to get a little nervous about this but I'm not going to panic yet. What else is left; find lots of crisp bills, pick up a few more gifts, pay all household bills ahead of time, grandparent training :), meetings with teachers, add Gramma as a signer on our checking account, meet with trainer to set up Kaz exercise program, and mostly squeeze a bazillion extra hugs out of the boys!

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