September 15, 2008

Paranoia will destroy ya...who sang that? I think one of Dart's head banger from the 80's it Black Sabbath??? Oh well that's not my real question.

The question to all of my fellow Kaz PAP's is- How safe is it for me to have a public blog? I am using Site Meter to track the activity on my blog. One of the things it shows is the country of origin for anyone coming onto the blog. Which leads me to my concern. Lately I've been getting hits from Kazakhstan. I'm getting a little worried. I have nothing to hide, obviously I'm very proud of my family and excited about adopting, but who knows what could be taken out of context. (And if grammar and spelling can be used against me, well forget about it :))

I guess the easy answer is to just go private but I wanted to stay public so my family could follow along. Some of them are not so computer literate (you know who you are) and a password may prove too much. Also I really benefited by reading other blogs and I like the idea of "giving back" to the PAP blogger community.

So what do you think, am I paranoid?

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