Best Blessed Day Ever

 January 30, 2013

By the time my head hit the pillow last night it seemed as if more had happened then was possible for a single day. And every bit of it, every moment, felt as if I had been led to be here.

We arrived in Korah in the morning to what has quickly become our usual and oh so WONDERFUL greeting by the kids who joyfully run beside our van as we drive up the earth and stone road to the Korah Clinic/Mission 61 compound. Yesterday we even had one excited boy jump a ride with us on the back of the van. As a mom it scares me but their excitement to see us is heartwarming. As soon as we open the van door they rush to hold someone's had and we each quickly have two or more little ones attached to us. In fact by day the kids have already found, no CLAIMED, their favorite person.

It is impossible not to be encouraged by these beautiful children. They make you want to make a difference.

But how?

That has been my personal question for some time now. How do you make things better when the problems are so vast?

I think yesterday I had my answer. I need to focus on what I can do and go deep.

And here in the little corner of the world I am certain I have been delivered to do so. Today in Korah Ethiopia a place I have no rationale reason for being, I met with the medical director of the Alert hospital a "Leper hospital "we had no prior intention of visiting. Without appointment we visited with the medical director and asked simply, "what do you need?" Her response about dropped me to the floor. She proceeded to tell us that they were in the process of building a new emergency department: It would be ready in two months. Also they had one of their physicians currently training in an EM residency THE FIRST EVER emergency medicine doctor in Ethiopia. She went on to ask us for help in training and developing her ER. Could we do that?

YES. Yes we can.

I am the ceo for a world class emergency medicine group. We have 200 providers on staff. We see 500,000 ER patients a year. We run teaching programs and have developed a training program for ER docs in Haiti. YES WE CAN HELP!

It's hard to take in. How perfect a fit this is.

This on top of being able to feed 600 kids yesterday.

Let me tell you yesterday was as close to a perfect day as I have ever had.

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