Navigating the Financial Hurdles of Adoption

 November 8, 2012

I have written about adoption funding before.  Unfortunately adopting can be very expensive and the costs involved then become a barrier to kids finding the families they so deserve.  The issues surrounding the costs of adoption are complex and families wishing to adopt can be overwhelmed and even deterred by the expense involved. The end result is more kids remain orphans. Its a harsh requiring reform at almost every level. But changes like those required take time....time kids already waiting for a family don't have. Thankfully there are financial resources for families wishing to adopt.

I'm happy today to share a guest blog on this important topic.

"Navigating the Financial Hurdles of Adoption" is submitted by Jeanne T. Tate an attorney specializing in adoption Ms. Tate is a 2006 recipient of the Angels in Adoption award of the Congressional Coalition on Adoptions and serves on the Gift of Adoption Fund Florida Chapter Board of Directors.

Navigating the Financial Hurdles of Adoption by Jeanne T. Tate 
Today, there are more than 140 million children around the globe orphaned, abandoned or taken from their parents due to extreme abuse or neglect.1 For many of these children, adoption is the key to a life they otherwise may not have known.  
In the U.S., families have shown tremendous support to the staggering need of parentless children. In fact, half of all adoptions worldwide take place in the United States. What’s more, an astounding 40 percent of Americans report they have considered adoption, however, the reality is only two percent begin the adoption process and less than one percent follow through.2
For many prospective adoptive parents, it’s the cost of adoption that stands in the way. With an average cost of $25,000-$35,000, many intended parents are left feeling helpless and defeated.3
For those struggling with the cost of adoption, take a deep breath and don’t be discouraged! The good news is there are options and hope. Following is a list of cost-cutting resources and creative strategies to help put adoption in reach for those working to bring their children home. 

Employer Reimbursements
What many people don’t realize is that their employers may already have adoption assistance benefits in place. Contact your human resources department at your workplace to find out if they offer any adoption benefits. A human resources representative can confirm if there is such a program at your company and determine if you are eligible for assistance. Your human resources department should also be prepared to assist you with filing the necessary paperwork and educating you on what funds are available.
Adoption Grants
There are several charitable organizations dedicated to reducing financial barriers to adoption. Conduct research online to find out what organizations offer adoption assistance grants and determine if your situation qualifies. National charitable organization, Gift of Adoption Fund, is one such organization providing adoption assistance grants to families across the country – regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or marital status. They prioritize grants of up to $7,500 for families adopting the most vulnerable children facing what is possibly their last or only chance at adoption. This includes families adopting biological siblings, children with critical medical conditions or those aging out of orphanages. For more information on how to apply or to learn how to get involved, visit

Organize a Fundraising Event
Consider financing your family dreams by hosting an adoption fundraiser. Asking for money from friends and family can be a daunting task, but a little creativity can go a long way! A hostess party is a great option for those looking to raise funds. Many people already know someone who sells items like Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay or Pampered Chef. Reach out and ask if they would sponsor a fundraiser for your adoption. You could also brainstorm seasonal service ideas and enlist the help of close friends and family to get the job done. Launch a neighborhood spring clean up, Christmas decorating, snow shoveling or window washing session for donations to help bring in extra cash. Be sure to ask for donations instead of a specified dollar amount. This will give you the best chance of raising the most funds.

Government Subsidies
The government provides adoption tax credit to families adopting a child and who meet specified criteria. Tax credits and subsidies can vary by state and in some cases, subsidies may only be available to those adopting a foster child or a child with special needs. Determine what’s available in your state. Some federal adoption subsidies can be used for ongoing medical care for your child and the tax credits can help lower initial adoption costs.

Go Digital
As more people turn online for support and inspiration on their own adoption journey, consider hosting a blog to share your family’s story. Connect with other adoption and parenting bloggers to exchange links or guest post to drive more traffic to your blog. Raise awareness and make it easy by setting up a PayPal account for donations. Highlight your donation-seeking endeavors on the sidebar of your blog and include a link to your PayPal account in your email signature. You’ll likely be surprised to find how your story will touch so many others and spark generous donations.

Financial Institutions and Advisors
Several financial institutions offer low interest loans to help cover adoption expenses. Visit your bank and find out what options are available or speak with a financial advisor to strategize the best plan. An advisor might also be able to recommend organizations that offer interest-free loans. For example, Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. is an organization providing financial assistance to adoptive parents via interest-free loans and grants. The repaid loan is then used to help other families wanting to adopt so more children benefit. For more information on Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc., visit:

Jeanne T.  Tate is an attorney with extensive and exclusive practice in the area of adoption. With offices in Tampa, Naples, and Orlando, Florida, she works closely with adoption agencies to provide a full range of services to birth parents and adoptive families through her child-placing agency, Heart of Adoptions, Inc. Ms. Tate is a 2006 recipient of the Angels in Adoption award of the Congressional Coalition on Adoptions and serves on the Gift of Adoption Fund Florida Chapter Board of Directors.
Gift of Adoption Fund is a national charitable organization that inspires adoption by providing grants to qualified parents – giving children in need of families a permanent home and a chance to thrive. Over the past 10 years, Gift of Adoption has united nearly 1,000 children in need with families. For more information on how to apply for a grant or learn how to get involved, visit or follow Gift of Adoption at or @GiftofAdoption.
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1. UNICEF. “UNICEF Child Poverty Report.” August 2009.
2. ABC News Time Magazine News Poll. May 2006.
3. Adoptive Families. “2011 Adoption Cost Survey.” December 2011.

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