Busy Week...but at least we are sleeping.

 August 7, 2012

This week I am getting ready to go to El Salvador with nine of my coworkers to participate in the Medwish Medical Brigade. I've never been part of a medical brigade and I'm really looking forward to the experience and the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to deliver this kind of program. One day soon I hope to be able to coordinate a medical brigade to both China and Kazakhstan, places that for obvious reasons have captured my heart.

Right now I need to figure out how to consolidate my personal items into one carry on bag (which those of you who know me understand is something I actually take pride in doing) while also packing for my whole family to go to Disney.

Yes, you heard me.  Disney.

In August.

At the last minute I decided to take the kids on a quick trip to Disney World before school starts back up.  It has been a VERY HARD summer for our family and frankly we need this break together.  The good news is Mia has really turned a corner (which means mom and dad are getting a bit more sleep) and we are feeling good about her ability (and ours) to enjoy this trip.  It will be our first vacation as a family of eight! 

The bad news is we are leaving 12 hours after I get back from El Salvador.

Chaos...it's what's for dinner.

Anyway....that's what going on here.
You can learn more about the trip and Medwish (a super cool organization) here on their blog.

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