Pinterest, ummm OK

 July 16, 2012

So I can now add "Pinning" to my list of time sucking things I'm doing on the web.

I like it, sort of, I think.

Truth is I'm not really very sure what I'm doing with it. Pin, RePin, Pinner, Pinnee (I suppose). It's all so... silly.

But, one of my fellow bloggers on Top Mommy Blogs put together a group board (I guess that's what it's called) for those of us who are consistently in the top 25 of the listing.  And,  she was kind enough to include me. My take is we're supposed to link our posts there and I guess its a way to reach new readers which is a pretty smart idea.

And I must admit there are a lot of people doing this.  Honestly I was SHOCKED at how many of my Facebook friends were already on Pinterest.

Leave it to me to be the last to board the train to 2011.  Thinking I might join My Space next month.

Anywho... I spent a few hours on Sunday building my "boards".  (Frankly it's something I can do while Mia sleeps practically on top of by me.)

I see a lot of people with A LOT of different boards. It looks to me like they must Pin every picture they see on the web.   I don't think that's going to work for me.  (Mia doesn't sleep THAT much.)

I have decided Pinterest might be an organized place to catalog information related to adoption and orphan causes (stuff I get asked about often) and in that way MIGHT in the long run save me some time.

So (drum roll please...) I have set up the following boards;

  1. Adoption Resources.  This will be filled with links to sites that help to answer the questions I get most often; How do I get started with adoption? How do you fund an adoption? What agency do you recommend? How long does an adoption take? Where can I find Waiting Child listings? etc. etc.
  2. Doing Good.  A listing of organizations and individuals I KNOW who are doing great work in the areas of adoption, orphan care and adoptive family support.
  3. Adoption Reads. Books I've read about adoption, parenting including lots of children's adoption books. I am planning on adding a mini review to each Pin. (I still have a lot to add here)
  4. Adoption Sayings and Sentiments.  Just a bunch of adoption quotes and pictures that inspire me.
  5. (Shameless) Traditions.  This one is pretty weird and small.  It's pics from Christmas morning...of my family...wearing matching pajamas. It just makes me smile, (trust me there are more coming and they will make you smile too.)
  6. Best of Five of My Own.  Some of my favorite blog posts over the past couple of you can skip all the dribble in between.
  7. Top Mommy Bloggers.  The aforementioned board with my Top (25) Mommy Blog cohorts.
  8. Three Times the Fun.  Evidence of my online shopping addiction.

What do you think?  What else should I / could I add? Are you on Pinterest?

Anyway if it's your thing feel free to follow me on Pinterest...but please make sure you vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs too.  I'm really going to try to start posting on a regular basis again and I would love to stay in the top five.

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