Daddy Daughter Dance x3

 July 8, 2012

Warning I'm in a mushy and gushy kind of mood...must be the heat.

A friend sent me this unbelievably sweet video from her daughter's wedding.

She knew of course that with three daughters I would be a blubbering fool watching this.

What she didn't know is I am also one of three daughters...none of whom ever had this dance with their father.

My father died when I was almost 4; my sisters were 1 and 2.5.

The father-daughter dance at a wedding has always brought me to tears (duh, no psychology degree needed there)  but seeing this dad dance with his three girls...

well that just slayed me.

I flash back and forward almost at once: what I did not have...what my sweet girls will have...and almost didn't.

And of course not lost on me either, how quickly they grow up...from standing on daddy's shoes to waltzing across the room.

I told you EMO fool here.


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